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During 2007 & 2008 season until 9/08, the Big Creek Adult returns are listed below:

Spring Chinook = 73 counted at Hatchery, Spring of 2008

Fall Tule Chinook = 3392 harvested for eggs Summer of 2007.
Estimated eggs taken was 4,500,000.
About 2,000 were netted/harvested at the mouth of Big Creek.
( 4.5 million Chinook fingerlings were released in Big Creek during May of 2007).

Fall/EarlyWinter Coho ( Silvers ) = 4,583 counted at hatchery.
Estimated eggs taken 1,838,000

Winter Steelhead = 737 counted at hatchery late winter 2007 and early 2008
Estimated eggs taken 187,000
Recycled in Lower Big Creek (in front of lodge) = 522
Wild Steelhead recycled in Upper Big Creek (above hatchery) = 145

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